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Brochures are some of the most important marketing pieces that your company has. They make a lasting impression on your potential customers. We offer numerous sizes and fold options to make your company stand out! PelPrint offers a variety of options and the convenience you've been looking for!

File Guidelines

At PelPrint, we prefer PDF files with .125" (1/8 inch) bleed and crop marks. When preparing any print file, make sure you leave enough space for the trim. Minimum standard space between the edge of the print and the edge of the document is .125" (1/8 inches). If you need assistance please email

Upload a PDF file that has a minimum of 300 dpi. 300 dpi ensures that your file will print at the highest quality. If you have any questions, please see the File Prep in the Resource Tab.


Cover weight is like a cardstock. There are different thicknesses offered. 80# is the lightest, and 130# is the thickest.

Text weight is like standard copy paper, but with different thicknesses.

Uncoated (or opaque) is a standard finish similar to notebook paper.

Gloss is semi-glossy, not super shiny.

Matte (or silk) is somewhere in between uncoated and gloss.

UV Coating can be added to gloss and silk papers to create a high-gloss finish.

Round Corners can be added to cover weight papers.

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